BIntaro Trojan Fun Swim Challenge

It is with a huge sense of pride to say that the BTR Fun Swim Event yesterday was a great success. It was a great compete between the Elite Level, it was a great atmosphere for the Mid Level Swimmer, and it was also inspiring to see some of the Entry Level Swimmer to trying out new Swimming Style at the event OR even to trying out to be in a Swimming Event and to swim in the deep pool for the first time. That 25m is LONG for some of us.

For that we are very grateful and Bintaro Trojan Runners would like to express our gratitude to the participants who have joined the event and have made it memorable. To The Man who came up with the idea and made it come to live. To all BTR Crew involved, most especially these two: Ivan Waliliong, Maya Djatirman. To Erik Kadarman for his rounds of Blenger Burger. And to the Nasution’s for taking care of our craziness yesterday.

Thank you to BTR Family.
We are a big family and we wish to create something new and inspire others to trying out that something new, sports wise. Heck, if Rohmadinejad can do it, anyone can do it! *wink*

Wait for another BTR Swim Event in 2016 and until then, let’s train! And do check out the BTR Swim Album captured by Hasbi A Lubis Erik Kadarman Atmasunu Prabhaswara Cieko Ariatnas Bagus Budianto Chaidir Akbar Savitri Lubis and Sinta Febrina

See you all again.

Thank you, Bintaro Trojan Runners (sometimes also known as Swimmers).

-Hari Budiman-
Photo credit: Cieko – with Adhitra, Amdoni, Hasbi A, Bagus, Denny, Riyana, Atmasunu, Thya, Diana, Rohmadi, MakTin, Chaidir, and Roy

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