Coming Soon this February.

Bintaro Trojan Runners | Triathlon Buddies | Pitapink – Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia | RFID | Hero

We all will host the 5150 Triathlon Race for the lucky 20 BTR Triathletes in Bintaro.

Bintaro 5150 participants will do:
– Swim 1.5km in one of the two selected swimming pools in Bintaro.
– Bike 40km over Bintaro loop
– Run 10km on Bintaro boulevard jogging track.
The total distance of 51.50km.

BTR and Triathlon Buddies promote healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to try out different but challenging physical activities with the presence of supporting and inspiring friends and families.

Hero supports the fresh people with the fresh food. Increased awareness of such positive wellbeing, in return, will promote healthy mind and body and prevent many diseases including cancer, which also happens to be the main mission of Pitapink – Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia. Saling Jaga. Saling Peduli.

We will announce the lucky 20 very soon. Be there and join us in cheering them up.

#Repath & #introducing our race director; Atmasunu Prabhaswara. – with Atmasunu, Chaidir, and Hasbi A

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